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                                          Hi! how are you doing?
          Are you interested in making trips(day or overnight)with me  
          in the mountains, trekkings or driving scooters?

kyaukme,  Myanmar
             Hi    i am Thura from kyaukme which is in the northern part of  
Myanmar. And i do trekking and driving tours in the mountains of kyaukme,my home town
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( my Phone Number:0947308497
.kyaukme is surrounded by many high mountains and is quite amzaing to see that there are the indegeneous people still living in the mountains. They are called Palaung(hill-tribe). When you go trekking or driving scooters to these tiny  villages of these minority groups you can still see them wearing their own traditional  costumes in everyday  life.                                                        

tthe view of the mountains in the rain and in the dusk time.

the hill tribes in traditional or typical costumes that is in the villages

you know only a few numbers of tourists have been to these villages.Because this town is not 
well-known for tourists in Myanmar. So only some tourists who know about me or who have 
friends recommending them about me, are coming to enjoy and feel the original lifestyle of the 
country. So if you feel like seeing a place that is notyet spoiled by tourism, you can just
contact me right know, seeing is believing! But it is important to keep the area
preserved by keeping it in a low profile.

                                  the mountains and the villages in distance

typical Palaung village                                 the village people carrying fire-woods on the horseback
When you go overnight trips to the villages of the ethinc people , you are supposed to sleep
in the houses of the village people.And they would prepare a place to sleep and cook
traditonal and typical foods which is normally good for us.So you feel really like your home.
And a nice and authentic getaway from the big cities.

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  the views of the mountains and the village which is in the mountains

the panoramic view of the hills from the tirps that i organize

rice fields in the valley of the mountains

the cosy mountain-village

the village in the cloud

Rice terraces in the valley

the village at the foot of the mountain ranges

And the mountain sun-set

This is the appearances of the mountains in winter

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The famous GOTEIK viaduct on the way to kyaukme

110 years old traditional tattooed man


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